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/ 10 minuti / 2019 / Italia

Naples, August 1971. Today Fofò wears a new shirt, his mother sewed it. With it on he looks likehis father. He’s still a little boy, but since his father is […]


/ 14 minuti / 2018 / Italy

Yousef is a successful cook, the son of immigrants, who grew up in Italy. After a long wait he manages to obtain the Italian citizenship, a few days after the […]


Dario di Viesto / 23 min / 2018 / Italy

After a boat accident where he puts his son’s life at risk, fisherman Capudemazza decide to never go fishing again. Ten years later a discovery about his son awakens a […]


/ 20 min / 2019 / Italia

The story of Luna and Angel is an unusual story of love, which goes beyond the judgment of others. […]


/ 8 min / 2017 / Italy

Leone has recently received a good mark at school and now he knows very well what to ask to his parents as gift: the pink dressed doll ‘Candie’. […]