Aldo Iuliano

Aldo Iuliano: Born in Crotone, he started  his artistic career as a cartoonist. He graduated in Communication Sciences  and deepened his experience with an experimental project with his writer brother Severino Iuliano.

Aldo has also worked for TV ( Rai, Mediaset, La 7) spot  (Fox)  e  web-series  (Copy  /  Past,  The  Guardian).

He conducts  a specific workshop of storytelling and  direction at the University of Teramo.

Since 2015 he has directing teacher at the Film Academy Romeur and this year he was invited to conduct a masterclass in the prestigious Pembroke College in Oxford. Aldo is part of the team of young filmmakers of the Moviemen agency and continues to work as a cartoonist and storyboarder for various productions.He is currently working on the first feature film project.


  • Fulgenzio
  • Natalino
  • Tattoo
  • In Fila per due
  • La lezione
  • Hakuna Matata
  • Penalty