Great success for our short films at CORTINAMETRAGGIO!

1. The best short film award goes to “The Delay” by Mattia Napoli.
2. “Tre volte alla settimana” by Emanuele Vicorito won as Best Comedy, Best Screenplay and the
Omnia Hotel special prize.
3. The Rai Cinema Channel Award award goes to “Torto Marcio” by Prospero Pensa.
4. The Audience Award goes to “Feliz Navidad” by Greta Scarano which also got two special
mentions for Best Comedy and Best Actress: Benedetta Cimatti.
5. The Young Best Film Award went to “Reginetta” by Federico Russotto which also won the Best
Soundtrack award to Sergio Bachelet and the special mention from the journalists.
6. “Candies” by Matteo Panebarco won the special mention for the best soundtrack and the special
mention for the best film in the competition.