Director: Andrea Simonetti
Duration: 20 min
Production year: 2020
Country of Production: Italy

An elderly Dorothy lives with her maid Sally in an old mill. The woman is very ill, her condition serious. Her last wish is to see her travel companions from her OZ days, with whom she has not been in contact for years. But Leone, Spavento, and Latta have changed a lot since the journey. They have become public figures, their newfound notoriety having changed their characters and lifestyles. They quarreled among themselves and broke off all relations and communications. The worsening of Dorothy’s condition is an opportunity to meet after many years, to reunite and confront each other. Perhaps the death of their friend can reunite the three men over their glorious heroic past. Maybe a new journey awaits them. Or a new OZ.

  • Official Selection Volterra Fantasy Film Festival 2021
  • Official Selection Two Riversides Film and Art Festival 2021
  • Official Selection Ischia Global Film Festival 2021
  • Official Selection F3: Frankly Film Fest 2021
  • Official Selection Ciak Film Festival 2021
  • Official Selection¬† Apulia Film Fest 2021
  • Official Selection I-Fest International Film Festival 2021
  • Special Event¬†Cortinametraggio 2021