Director: Francesco Tortorella
Duration: 15 min
Production year: 2020
Country of Production: Italy

Calabria, mid seventies. A real slaughter, 233 murders in a few years, mark the bloody rise to power of the boss Paolo De Stefano and the transformation of the ‘Ndragheta in “La Santa“ (The Saint), an extensive organization, Masonic-style, in close contact with the criminal associations from all over the world, capable of arming the armies, to own fleet and air force of its own, and to influence politics by infiltrating into the social fabric at every level. The words of the journalist Giuseppe Fava, introduce us into the plot involving criminal mafia, institutions, banks and business groups … Through his daughter Adriana, we will know the life and death of a common man: the engineer Gennaro Musella , brutally murdered for having reported this system. Adriana will undertake an intricate path in search of the truth about the death of his father: a face to face with the fugitive boss Paolo De Stefano.

Press Kit
  • Official selection ECU The European Indipendent Film Festival 2020
  • Official selection Millennial Movie Reggio Calabria Film Fest 2020
  • Official selection Cartoons on the bay 2020
  • Official selection BCT – Benevento Cinema e Televisione  2020
  • Best Animation Ischia Film Festival 2020