Duration: 8 min
Production year: 2020
Country of Production: Italy

Rome, the COVID19 lockdown has just ended. Aldo is a 78 years old man who lost his wife who fell ill with Coronavirus during the quarantine. From that moment Aldo remained locked in the house, continuing the lockdown even after the end of the restrictions imposed by the Government. A part of himself died in those difficult days, his emotions, his memories, the joy of living; the love of his life is gone and he couldn’t even give her the last farewell. Normality for Aldo will never return, the life he knew before, the one he spent next to his wife, will no longer exist and therefore his unconscious decides that perhaps it is better to remain a prisoner of that nightmare without waking up again. His daughter Francesca will try with all her strength to encourage her father to return to normal, to metabolize the grief and suffering to continue living. Unfortunately, however, he will realize that the wounds that that invisible enemy has inflicted on his father’s mind will be irreversible.

  • Official Selection VIII Vittoria Peace Film Fest 2020
  • Official Selection Capri, Hollywood – The International Film Festival 2020
  • Official Selection LIFF – COLPO D’OCCHIO – Lamezia International Film Fest 2020
  • Winner Best Short Film NaNo Film Festival 2021
  • Winner Best Short Film FERRARA FILM FESTIVAL 2021
  • Official Selection Prato Film Festival 2021
  • Official Selection Pop Corn Festival del Corto 2021
  • Official Selection Fabriano Film Fest 2021
  • Official Selection Cinecibo Festival 2021


Alessio Di Cosimo, Roman, born in 1985; he began studying cinema at the age of 19 at the University of Roma Tre, but did not obtain his degree. A few years later he graduated in a small theater academy, thus beginning to stage his first written performances, directed and interpreted; between 2009 and 2012, he brought several works to the scene, meeting with good public success.