Director: Nikolas Darnstädt
Duration: 105 min
Production year: 2020
Country of Production: Germany / France

This movie will be theatre. It is not going to copy the empty authenticity of television and cinema but create a fantastic anti-universe. Every scene in this movie is a one-shot-sequence and the acting of our performers will be more alive than what we normally see on stage after weeks of rehearsals. ODYSSEY deals with the idea of foreignness which is hysterically repressed in times of individualism. The story is about a man living isolated in a space-capsule, numbed by digital entertainment and capitalistic mantras, dreaming about returning to the destroyed planet earth. By mistake, he finds out about the existence of other people, living in a black hole. So his odyssey begins…

  • Official Selection 54th Hof International Film Festival 2020
  • Official Selection ToHorror Film Festival 2020