Director: Elio Di Pace
Duration: 16 min
Production year: 2019
Country of Production: Italy

Is there a chance for the photographs taken by Robert Capa – portraying the Allied Invasion of Sicily – to come to life, bringing forth new stories? Will American soldiers be able to build bridges with the wounded people of a foreign land? It is up to private Mancuso, and his young friend Salvatore to tell the story.

  • Romanian Cinematography Award  Cinemaiubit Film Festival 2019
  • Official Selection CortoLive 2019
  • Best Cinematography Cortinametraggio 2020
  • Paolo Gobetti Award – Filmare La Storia 17° edizione dell’Archivio Nazionale Cinematografico della Resistenza 2020
  • Official Selection BCT- Benevento Cinema e Televisione 2020
  • Best Italian Film  Il Varco Film Festival 2020