Duration: 20 min
Production year: 2018
Country of Production: Italy

Gea and Lucius meet on a dating app, only she is Life and he is Death. They are their embodiments, walking amongst us in human form as a disguise allowing to fulfill their duties unseen. They sit at a restaurant for the most awkward and most disastrous date since the beginning of all times, also confirming humanity’s fear that the balance of the world hangs by a thread. Even they have a question, though it remains unanswered: how does love work?

Official Selection Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival 2019 
Official Selection TOHorror Film Fest 2019
Official Selection Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2019
Official Selection Firenze FilmCorti Festival 2019
Official Selection Civitanova Film Festival 2019
Official Selection Catania Film Fest – Gold Elephant World 2019
Best Short Film Fantafestival 2018
Official Selection Trieste Science+Fiction Festival 2018
Official Selection Alice nella città 2018

He graduated in Political Science and Communication and attends Master Luiss Writing School for Cinema and Television. He recently wrote and directed the Super Vampiro spot who its hub of the Ministry’s campaign against antibiotic abuse.


  • The Colorful Life of Jenny P
  • Radice di 9
  • F*ck The Zombies!
  • Super Vampiro (spot)
  • The Essence of Everything