Director: Aliosha Massine
Duration: 15 min
Production year: 2019
Country of Production: Italy

One morning in December, Rami, an illegal immigrant of Syrian origins, flees from the city and sets out for the countryside with a rucksack on his back. Rosa, a young Italian woman, is doing the same thing: at the side of the road, as cars race past, she removes her high heels, puts on some walking boots and, leaving civilisation behind her, goes into the woods. They both reach the top of a hill where four of their friends are waiting to take part in a rite and a celebration that would be unthinkable in the city.

Press Kit
  • Official Selection  “Alice nella Città” Festival del Cinema di Roma 2019
  • Best Short Film  San Diego Italian Film Festival 2019
  • Official Selection Med Film Festival” 2019