Privacy policy

We wish to inform you that the EU Regulation 2016 / 679 ( hereinafter “the Regulation”) and Italian law, establish rules to protect natural persons especially regards the processing of personal data. Rules protect fundamental rights and freedoms, especially the right to protect personal data . In accordance with articles 13 and 14 of the Regulation, Premiere S.r.L., as the controller, shall determine the purposes and the means to process personal data and inform you as follows. Please read carefully this privacy policy statements before giving your personal data and if required before giving your permission to use them. This privacy policy concerns the processing of personal data for customers that browse page to page on the website www. (hereinafter “the website” ) and/or customers registered on the website .

1. Who is the controller of processing my personal data?
The controller of processing my personal data is PREMIERE S.r.l., domiciled in via Nazionale Terza Traversa n° 3, in Palese (BA), CAP 70128, Fiscal code 07472410724 – (+39)0802460358 email o via pec all’indirizzo

2. I visit your website. Which kind of personal data are processed and what is the purpose?
If you visit the website ( you may be registered or not registered) the controller shall process the following personal data and the following purposes:
Navigation database: computer systems and the software procedures acquire some personal data that can be implicitly used according to internet communication protocols. The information is not collected to be associated to anyone identified person, nevertheless if the information is associated with other data, held by third parties, it could permit to identify customers. In this category there are: the addresses IP or users s name joining the internet website, the URI addresses, time of the request, the way you asked the server, the file size of the answer, numerical codes indicating the status of the answer given by the server (successful or mistake etc…) and other benchmarks tied up with your operating system and your IT environment.
The data is used only to obtain anonymous statistical data regarding the use of website and to control the correct operating. It is deleted as soon as it is processed. The data could be used to determine liability in case of hypothetical cybercrime. Navigation database is processed to guarantee website security, to control the properly work and to obtain statistics based on the expected use. ( art.6, co1, let.f of The regulation)
Data you provide on a voluntary basis:

  • on e -mail, on fax or on other communications you voluntary send to our company: the personal data you send voluntary, leads to data capture and they are used to answer your questions about the website ( art. 6 co.1. let .b of the regulation ). You are free of providing personal data. Nevertheless, if you do not give them we could not be able to answer your question;
  • calls to our company telephone number: when you call our company, we shall process your personal data given voluntarily during the phone call as well as we shall process the data we asked reasonably to answer your request ( art.6co.1 let.b of the Regulation). You are free of providing your personal data, nevertheless if you do not give them we could not be able to answer to your question.

3. I am a registered customer to the website, what are my personal data used for?
if you register on the website, your personal data are processed for:
– giving you the possibility of registering on the website, executing terms and conditions which govern the website use, executing the contract terms regulating specific website initiatives, considering the assistance you will need during the registration or after that, providing the distribution of our audios and videos festivals products and other services offered by the website from time to time, letting you publish comments about websites and in order to eventual pre – contractual measures you asked us to adopt.( art6 co1 let b of the Regulation );
– in case of selling goods and services on the website, to fulfil obligations required by laws regarding tax matters and consumer protection;
– to defend our legitimate interest or to exercise or defense legal claims in court or out of court (art. 6 co 1 let f of the Regulation )
As underlined in paragraph 4 and 5, with your voluntary consent, your personal data may be used for marketing purposes and/or to send our newsletter.

4. Do you have newsletter and what are they about?
When you give us your voluntary consent to send our newsletter, we shall proceed your personal data to send newsletter. Our newsletter deals with editorial content but could talk about advertising, marketing communications tied up with events, publishing, initiatives, goods and services regarding our company or third parties;
Anytime you may cancelled your request of receiving our newsletter, you contact us according to the way suggested in paragraph 13. We will stop immediately to send our newsletter. You may also withdraw your consent for your personal data to be processed and eliminate your subscription for newsletter just using the link opt-out you can find in every e-mail containing newsletter. Your subscription is free and voluntarily, if you do not want to receive it, you will not have any prejudicial consequence.

5. will you process my data for marketing purposes?
When you give us your voluntary and declared consent, we shall process your personal data for marketing purposes (direct sell, send advertising materials, market research, business communication, customer satisfaction) and we will send by mail or post or text message or mms, advertising, special offers and promotions regarding our goods and services. In case you will not process your personal data for marketing purposes, anyway you will be able to register yourself on the website, and/or employ the services provided in the website so you will not have any prejudicial consequence.
Anytime, freely and without any charge, you may withdraw your consent to process your personal data for marketing purposes. You may also choose which way you prefer to communicate with us (for example if you do not want to receive e-mail , you can tell us and you will prefer other way of communication).You will do this with a request following the indications of paragraph 15. As regards e – mail communication for sales promotion, if you do not want to receive them you will withdraw your consent to process your e –mail address by clicking the link to delete (opt – out), you can find the link in each marketing e – mail .

6. Do you use cookie or similar instrument on your website?
Yes, we use cookies in our website. We wish to inform you to consult cookie policy.

7. Is the process of personal data voluntary or obliged?
Your process of your personal data is voluntary even if you do not give your personal data you will not be able to register on the website and/ or you will not be able to receive some goods and services and/or information.

8. How long you will process my personal data and with what methods you will process
The processing of our personal data are based on automated and no -automated means with logic strictly linked to the purposes, to guarantee security and personal privacy. If you contacted us with an e-mail and/or with an application form in the website to ask information about the website or about our services, we shall keep your data for 14 days, beginning from the day you get the information asked. We shall keep on your data if required by law. Your data are collected during the registration on the different websites and we keep them until your account is active and we shall keep on your data if required by law.
Data used for a contract or to fulfil specific obligations in tax areas will be stored for 10 years, beginning from when the contract has been signed up or when there have been an act that stop the limitation period .
If you have processed with your personal data for marketing purposes, your data will be keep until you withdraw your consent for the information to be processed for marketing purposes. we will keep on your data if required by other reason.

9. Are my personal data transfer out of Economical European Area ?
Yes, your personal data will be stored and process also out of the Economical European Area only to fulfill services on the website and mainly for the audio and video distribution available on the website.

10. Who knows my data?
Employees and contractors will know your personal data. They work for the website maintenance and management, customers’ order on the website, customers assistance or potential customers. The employees and contractors dealing with marketing, will know your personal data If you consent to process your personal data for marketing purposes. Also the categories below will know your data, they are responsible for processing the data, they furnish instrumental activities for our work: IT service providers; management service providers; administrative service providers; external professional experts and consultants; external audit firm where one exists; gateway of payment, third parties providers of advertising and marketing; services people who send documents and/or information material and /or advertising material.

11. Are my personal data communicate to third parties?
Your personal data are communicated to banks, payment institutions or other financial intermediary. They may have access to your information only in so far as this is necessary to make or receive a payment. If required by law, your data referred to a purchasing done on the website, should be communicate to the Revenue Agency. Your personal data should be communicated to the Judicial Authority in case of specific request and if required by law. Your data will not be communicated to other third parties except for what you read in Paragraph 12.

12. Are my personal data communicate to third parties for marketing purposes?
With your voluntary consent (art.6 co.1 let. a of the Regulation), we may communicate your personal data( name, surname, e-mail etc..)to the following third parties, so that they will be able to send an email regarding promotion and offer: companies involved in automotive sector, banks, financial intermediary, law firms, companies involved in media and communication, recruitment companies, publishing and film companies, distributors’ publishing and audio products, organizers of festival, film festival, film contest, firms operating in information technology.
In case you do not want to process your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes you will be able to navigate the website and/or to register to the website without any prejudicial consequence. Anytime freely and without no charge you can withdraw the consent to process your personal data to third parties, you will do a request as explained in next paragraph 15.

13. What are my rights?
Anytime, without no charge and no formality, you may exercise the following rights in accordance with the articles from 15 to 22 of the Regulation:
the right of requesting access to personal data( the right of knowing if someone is processing your personal data and so to access to them, obtaining a copy, or other information mentioned in article 15 of the Regulation;
the right to rectify your personal data( the right of obtaining rectification procedures to correct incomplete or inaccurate data);
the right of withdraw your personal data( you may ask to withdraw your personal data if there is one of the reason mentioned in article 17 of the Regulation);
the right to restrict the processing of your personal data( as planned in article 18 of the Regulation, you have the right of obtaining marks on your personal data so that you will restrict them in the future);
the right to data portability (as planned in article 20 of the Regulation, the data subject shall have the right to have the personal data transmitted directly from one controller to another and to receive our customary , readable and automatic format containing your data);
the right to withdraw the consent of processing your personal data anytime ( the withdrawal of the informed consent shall not affect the activities already carried out and the use of data obtained based on informed consent before its withdrawal .
We would like to inform you that data subjects have the right to make a complaint regarding the processing of their personal data to the Data Protection Supervisor or different European Data Protection Supervisor depending on where you work or live.

14. Does the regulation give the possibility of going against the processing?
Yes, anytime you may object the processing of our personal data because of personal situations as planned in article 6 par.1 let. e and f of the Regulation. If your data are processed for marketing purposes, you may object anytime the processing of personal data.

15. How can I contact you to exercise my rights?
Requests to exercise your rights shall be addressed to PREMIERE SRL domiciled in via Nazionale Terza Traversa n° 3, in Palese (BA), CAP 70128, Fiscal code 07472410724 – (+39)0802460358 email o via pec all’indirizzo