Why choose Premiere Film


To develop the distribution strategy

We develop an individual festival distribution strategy that suits best to the duration and genre of your film. We evaluate and select the best festivals among the main circuits.


To save money

As a distribution company, we offer discounts and fee waivers to our clients. As a result, they are able to save up to 50% on the submission fees.


To ensure your work

Many festivals from the main circuits receive on average around 5.000 films / short films / web-series every year. We make sure that the selection committees watch the films of our clients and we get private feedbacks.


To be safe and secure

The clients do not have to upload the films on our platform. We will ask you to send it via email (WeTransfer, Filemail, Myairbridge). We will make submissions through FilmFreeway, Shortfilmdepot, Movibeta etc. The movies will only be available for the festivals we sent them to. The films cannot be downloaded.


Real-time work

From the personal page of your film on the Premiere Film Platform, you will be able to control our work in real time and 24/7. You will be able to see what festivals we submitted. You will receive the news about submission status in real time.


To own the rights to your work

The intellectual property of the work that we distribute (film, short film, web-series) is always owned by the author, and the rights for the commercial exploitation remain owned by the producer.


Official Facebook page

Our social media marketing team creates and manages the Facebook page of your film during the entire period of the contract using the provided materials. The image of the film is fundamental for a successful distribution.


To avoid technical issues

In the submission and selection process the festival organizers might ask technical questions and often files with specific characteristics. You can rely on our experience without the risk of making technical mistakes that could result in the disqualification of your film.


To build your curriculum

Premiere Film is not for everyone. We select the best films / short films / web-series. It is important for your CV and your film to have an award-winning company that is well-known worldwide behind you. You will have an access to hundreds of our contacts gained over 15 years of work in the film industry. We are the company that distributed in the festivals the winners of Oscar, Palme D’Or, Italian Golden Globe, Méliès d’Argent, Silver Ribbon etc.


Personal agent

For the entire period of the contract we represent you on the major festivals and film markets of the industry.


The support team

Our expert distribution team is always here to help. You will be able to write or call us anytime.


No lost chances

What if you forget the deadline of an important career-changing festival? With Premiere you are safe. Every submission is guaranteed by our team.


Financial support

Are you applying for a film fund or looking for a sponsor? Mention Premiere as your distributor and we will give you the letter of intent that will help you, thanks to our resume, to have more chances to receive the funds.



We sell your film in the major international film markets (Clermont-Ferrand, Cannes, Venice etc)  to TV, web channels, airlines.


Closing the contract

You are always free to decide to stop the distribution by writing us an email.



Premiere Film: Real People. Real results.